“101 Deck” iPhone Magic App

The effect:  The magician hands a deck of cards to the spectator, invites them to cut the deck, then instructs them to deal the cards down on the table face up.  The spectator can stop anytime and even change their mind if they wish.  Once the spectator is happy with their selection, the magician reaches into his pocket, pulls out his iPhone, and turns it on.  “That’s funny that you stopped on that card, because earlier tonight I took a photo...” The magician then clearly opens the iPhone’s photo album and scrolls to the last photo added to the album.  The magician taps on the thumbnail, and the enlarged photo shows the magician holding up the chosen card.


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What sets the 101 Deck app apart from other magic apps is that your prediction is revealed as a real photo in your actual iPhoto camera library.  The app gives you five outs, and they can be photos of ANYTHING!  Using a deck of cards is just one simple idea, but this app can be used for a variety of mentalism routines.  Use photos of objects, places, people, or perhaps ESP cards. 

What makes our magic apps different is that the spectator will never know that an app was used during the routine.  The phone can be kept in full view the entire time, there is nothing to hide on the screen.  Many apps take all the credit away from the magician, while ours are simply an extra tool to help you make your magic routine standout.  Check out the youtube video on the right for some real street magic showing the “101 deck” app in action.

Welcome to iPhoneMagicApps.com!  We are the creators of the Email Wizard, an amazing app acquired by the legendary David Copperfield.  That app is no longer available, however here you will find other great  iPhone apps for amateur and professional magicians.  Our apps are designed to be “stealth” apps, meaning that the spectators will never know, or even suspect, that an app was used!

“Ghost Card”

The effect:  The magician presents a deck of cards and states that he wants the spectator to pic a card, but first he wants to take a photo.  The magician selects a card himself, keeping the back to the spectator, and holds it up to take a photo.  The magician uses his iPhone to take a photo of the card with the spectator in the background.  He then places his phone on the the table saying “we will look at that later.”  The magician then asks the spectator to choose a card (free choice) and goes on to perform a card routine of his choice with the selected card.  At the end, almost as an afterthought, the magician says “oh let me show you that photo I took earlier...”  He then picks up his phone and opens his camera roll.  The photo the magician took, with the spectator clearly in the background, is of the selected card!

NEW!!!  “MagSense”

Maximize the potential of your iPhone’s magnetometer.  If you use magnets in your mentalism routine, this app is for you.  A simple utility app built for magicians that utilizes your phone’s magnetometer.  Why spend hundreds on wearable device when you already have a magnetometer in your phone?

The app let’s you know when a magnet is in range with either a vibration or a discrete visual cue. Numerous settings for customization.  Includes routines by expert mentalist Mauricio Jaramillo.